Arizona anti-gay law

“Georgia — with its tumultuous past of discrimination — is following Arizona’s recently failed attempt to pass what amounts to anti-gay legislation with the Preservation of Religious Freedom Act.” Basically Arizona is saying that because in some religions the idea of being gay is not allowed such people that follow this religion should be allowed to deny gays from working. This means that gay people won’t be able to work in any environment that holds religious beliefs against gays/lesbians.

I see a large problem for this. Arizona brings large tourism in. These people range from straight people to gay people to anything in between. Removing the ability for gays to work will diminish the amount of tourism. This will result in a decrease in companies making profits and just all around a bad image to those not holding these religious beliefs. On top of that, it means doctors can refuse to prescribe and or treat gays and gay couples. Technically by religious freedom act, doctors would be entitled to such harsh treatment if they so wish to do.

Arizona’s bill was vetoed but now Georgia is trying to get Religious Freedom Act passed in order to reinvent their economy. They want to get out of state investments which they believe will come if they pass this act. I believe it won’t accomplish their goal because gay people aren’t just in Georgia. They are all over the world.

Opinion: Stop Arizona-style antigay bill in Georgia


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